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SASdecoder Academic License/Activation code
SASdecoder is a facility to parse specific SAS statments related to the reading of raw data: INFILE, INPUT, and related statements, as well as VALUE statments under PROC FORMAT. The output can be Stata dictionaries, Stata do-files, or Stat/Transfer schema files.
This is useful when you are given raw data along with SAS code to read it -- but you don't use SAS. The Stata options are for loading the data into Stata; the Stat/Transfer options are for use with Stat/Transfer, which can set the data into a great variety of formats.
It runs in Windows.
To qualify for the academic price level, you must have a .edu email address.
   For information on Stata, see  .
For information on Stat/Transfer, see  .

SASdecoder 6 License -- Academic users

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