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Download Sasdecoder

SASdecoder Software: Obtain your SASdecoder software here. The latest official release, 6.3, was posted on 2011oct1.

A provisional release 6.4 is available as of 2013aug16. See below at the bottom of this page..

There are two steps to obtaining a fully-funtional SASdecoder: downloading the software and purchasing an activation key. The software is available of free, but runs in Demo Mode if you don't have an activation key. Demo Mode enables you to try SASdecoder for free, to help you determine whether you would want to purchase an activation key. In Demo Mode, a randomly-selected set of variables and value labels are omitted; there is also a limit on the number of variables and value labels that are written.

The procedure for obtaining your SASdecoder software is the same, regardless of whether you intend to purchase an activation key. Download it, using the following link.

Download SASdecoder 6.3 installer file. Then run it, or save it and run it later.

The setup process will include a suggestion to close all other processes. Ignore it; it's a generic message that doesn't apply in this case. (Except that if you are re-installing or updating, you should close any open instances of SASdecoder or the User Manual or readme file.) Note that you will not be required to reboot afterwards. Also, if installing an updated edition, there should be no need to uninstall the older edition.

After installation, please see the readme file and the User Manual; there will be shortcuts to these files on your Program Menu.

When you launch SASdecoder, you will be prompted for an activation code if it is not already activated. Users who wish to run in demo mode should opt to skip that step.

Activation Keys: To enable full functionality, purchase your activation key from the Purchase License page.

User Manual: If you prefer to view/download the User Manual only -- to help you determine whether SASdecoder is appropriate for you -- you can obtain it by clicking here. This is the same User Manual that comes with the SASdecoder6 installer program.

Provisional release 6.4 can be downloaded here. The most important new feature is that it can produce a non-dictionary-style Stata infile statement -- good for free-format and comma-separated raw data. This is provisional, in that further changes may be made under the same release number. The User Manual has not yet been updated to reflect changes.

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